Professional Photography

Versatile Photography Sessions

Our professional photography configuration is versatile, compact and includes various lights and strobes allowing us to produce ultra high resolution images on site and in any room with any lighting scenario.

Along with interior photography, we also specialize in architectural and landscape photography, capturing beautiful images from the sky with our drone, or simply from stylistic vantage points. Onsite (or in the field) we also capture special event photography and team/individual headshots.

Our studio is equipped with a cyclorama allowing us to produce stunning product photography, both on a large and small scale, great for businesses looking to advertise their products beautifully.

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Studio Photography

Our Studio is equipped with a cyclorama light stage, allowing us to capture images on any scale. A paintable backdrop adds amazing versatility to our setups, giving the option of chroma keying (or green screening) to people and large products. If you’re looking to capture a professional studio image of that classic car, or a new product ready for sale, our studio can light and handle subjects of any scale.

High Fashion

Large Scale Product

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Event Photography

Event photography is a fantastic solution for professional PR coverage, and a great way to remember a special day. We have multiple photographers ready for all events both indoor and outdoor, launch parties, concerts, and even community sporting events. For special occasions, we can also provide onsite printing for a photo booth style photography session.

Indoor / Outdoor Coverage

Sporting Event Photography

Onsite Printing

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Architectural & Real Estate Photography

Showcase your business or a building project with beautiful Ultra High Definition images. We specialize in architectural photography and are capable of taking beautiful stylistic photos when your building looks best. Architectural photography is common for businesses looking to present their interior and exterior space to customers to really show the capabilities of their space. Nighttime and aerial/drone photography is also available adding that additional “Umph” to your images.

Ultra HD Photography

Business Exteriors

Building Aerials

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Tourism and Landscape Photography

It takes time and patience to properly capture the perfect landscape photo where you are “lost for words” and when it comes to tourism, you need to make sure that your potential visitors feel exactly that. Travelling has given us amazing opportunities to capture the world from different perspectives, and it takes experience, a bit of research and technical camera skills to capture that “I’d love to go there.” photograph.


Landscape Photography

Wildlife Photography

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Commercial & Portrait

Resumes, professional social media, business cards and portfolios can appear a lot more professional with the right headshot. People naturally connect with faces and a professional photographer with directing experience is necessary to bring out the best image of yourself.

Professional Portraits

Company Photos

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Aerial & Drone

Images from the sky have always been an amazing perspective, but for the longest time a bit out of most businesses budget’s. With technology rapidly advancing, aerial photography is a cheaper and affordable alternative to hiring a pilot and photographer. Drone photography or videography is a wonderful way to capture powerful images of the world. We have provided drone services for personal, commercial and institutional clients for social events and organized PR stunts.




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Product Photography

You know how to sell your product, but ensuring it looks the absolute best is our department. We specialize in product photography both large and small scale and are equipped with studio space and onsite equipment to beautifully capture your products the way you want your customers to see them.

Product Photography

Store Product

Large Scale Product

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