Web Design & Online Marketing

Building an Interactive Web

Developing your company’s brand online is crucial in today’s fast paced market. Your website directly reflects your business’ image and practices, so it is critical for your business’ brand to stand out amongst the rest. Although the web isn’t exactly “new”, the way people, visitors or potential customers interact with your content is constantly changing. This is why having an interactive, up to date online presence is important for all businesses.

Miles Media is capable of keeping your website up to date with current tools and technology, driving traffic to your website with better google search results, and overseeing all aspects of your business’ online content, keeping your brand relevant. We are equipped with tools required to produce beautiful online content, including interactive ad’s, games, animations, polls and questionnaires and personalized javascript media objects.

For those looking to freshen up their look, we can help you migrate to a newer website that is mobile and SEO friendly while experiencing literally zero email and website down time.

Website Design and Wordpress Websites

The complexity of your website ultimately reflects the turn around time it takes to build. Although, with current technology a professional looking, SEO friendly and mobile ready website can easily be achieved in 10-15 business days.

Believe it or not, 25% of all websites online are built with Wordpress. Wordpress is a fantastic platform for basic and intermediate website designs, as it allows complete customizability with a built in content management system. This means users will little to no experience can easily access tools to maintain basic content on their website.

As Wordpress continues to gain popularity and grow, thousands of developers are constantly working around the clock to stay up with current advancements in web technology, keeping your website relevant, secure, and visitor friendly ensuring the best experience for your online guests.

Custom Websites

Wordpress Websites

Mobile and SEO Friendly

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Search Engine Optimization & Marketing (SEO, SEM)

Whether your website is old or new, it is important to be relevant to your customer’s needs. This includes knowing where your visitors are coming from, developing acquisition strategies for potentially new customers, and ensuring your business is “the answer” to a search query, that reflects your product on the web. Miles Media will work with you and educate you on your online traffic and visitor demographics to help your business reach out to the right people. Using google’s SEO guidelines and proper usage of keywords, content tags, and other tools we can significantly boost your website’s online presence.

Get Into Google

Drive Traffic to your Site


Understand your Customers

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Social Media Marketing and Consulting

A lot of businesses ask the question, “How can we reach out to people on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube?” In reality it sounds pretty simple, hire a student to manage your business’ facebook page, and the people should come, right? Well, not exactly. There are many different strategies to help your business capitalize and expand to a wider online audience on social media.

We can help your business grow online by developing a monthly schedule for promotions as well as develop interactive content for your social media accounts. With the right tools in place, we can also help you identify peak exposure hours for your audience to maximize your business’ possible outreach, and ultimately gain the interest of new customers.

Knowing when to post and what to post is crucial in successful social media marketing, and we can help you along the way.

Reach out Locally

Social Media Marketing Miles Media Chatham Kent

Build Creative Promotions


Know when to Post


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Animation & Interactive Web Content

What’s better than a beautiful website? A beautiful and interactive website! We also create interactive animated content, such as online games, questionnaires, advertisements, or javascript objects for websites, that are completely mobile ready. Capturing and retaining the attention of your visitors is essential, so let our design team build the perfect tool for your website.

Javascript Objects

Online Ads

Responsive Media

Responsive Websites Miles Media Chatham Kent

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Website Management and Maintenance

Keeping your website up to date is important, as it reflects your business practices, the health of your SEO presence and keeps your website safe and secure. Let us maintain and manage your website, ensuring your content is relevant, has adequate security settings in place, and kept up to current SEO standards.

We are also familiar with producing online newsletters for businesses with an online subscriber base community. Timed, recurring, or post dated newsletters are great promotional tools for your business, and can be used for more than just updating past customers.

Content Management Services

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Online Security

Website Security Management Miles Media Chatham Kent

Online Newsletters

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